Campground Policies

General Campground Policy



The permit holder is responsible for the actions and behaviour of their family and guests.


Check-in time is 2pm to 7pm, and checkout time is before 12 noon.


Quiet time is from 11pm to 9am. All electronic devices are to be turned off during quiet hours so as not to disturb other campers.


Loud music, profanity, aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.


Smoking is allowed only in the assigned lots. We do not allow smoking Cannabis in all parts of the campground.

The campground assumes no responsibility whatsoever for personal injury, loss/damage to vehicles or personal property of any kind.


The campground reserves all rights to make the campers to leave if they don't follow the policy or management decision. No refunds will be issued.


Assigned Lots


Only 4 persons are allowed per lot. This applies to both trailer and tenting lots. Extra persons must be reported and pay an extra persons fee.


Only 2 cars are allowed per lot. If the lot is too crowded, Management may request the cars be parked at the campground's designated parking lot.


Campers must be responsible for their own trash. Do not leave any garbage. If the lot/cabin is left untidy, campers will be charged for cleaning fees. Use the garbage bin located near the campground entrance.


Campfires are only allowed in the assigned fire pit. Do not place or burn garbage, otherwise you will be charged extra fees.


Do not move the picnic tables, fire pits, and other site arrangements. Report to the office if you need better arrangements.




Do not leave any garbage in the cabin on checkout. 


Do not burn or place garbage in the firepit. Use the garbage bin located near the campground entrance.


Do not cook inside the cabin.


No heating appliances are allowed.


No pets are allowed inside the cabin.


No smoking inside the cabin.


Please return the keys to the office on checkout.




Swimming pool is unsupervised. Use at your own risk. Parents and guardians are responsible for their child’s safety.


Pool hours are from 10am to 8pm.


No pets are allowed in the pool.




Speed limit in all parts of the campground is 10km/h. Drivers must obey all signs posted across the campground. 


Driving personal small vehicles (golf carts, 4-wheelers, motorcycles, etc) within the campground except to leave and enter the campground is forbidden, except those of management.




Pets must be on a leash and must be under control at all times. 


Pets are not to make excessive noise or disturb other persons. 


Poop and scoop applies at all times.


No pets are allowed inside the cabins. 


No pets are allowed in the pool.




Washing your trailer is strictly forbidden.


No electric heaters are allowed inside the trailers.


If you have propane water heaters, please use them to avoid breakers tripping.​

Seasonal Policy

Seasonals are responsible for the actions of their immediate families and guests. 

Seasonals are responsible for the maintenance and care of their trailer and the assigned lot.

Management, workers and volunteers may access the assigned lot for the purpose of maintenance.

Only the registered owner is allowed to use their trailer. Family members are allowed to stay with the registered owners, but cannot stay without the registered owner present. Short term stays may be allowed with consent from management.


Seasonals cannot sell, lease, sublet, transfer their trailer and assigned lot without prior consent of management.