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3-way (30 amp, open field, pull-through sites, RVs) $50 + HST (per night)


2-way (20 amp, wooded, shaded, RVs, tents) $45 + HST (per night)


Unserviced (wooded, private, tents) $40 + HST (per night)

Check-in is 2pm, Check-out is 12pm

Prices are based on 4 persons per site. $10 extra charge per night per person over.

For tenting sites, prices are based on 1 tent per site. $10 extra charge per night per tent over.

Tents are not allowed in RV sites or cabins.

Prices are based on 2 cars per site. $10 extra charge per vehicle over. If the site gets too crowded, management may request cars to be parked in guest parking.

For long weekends, we require 3 nights or more for camping reservations.

For regular weekends, we require 2 nights or more for camping reservations.

From May 15th - June 28th, and after Labor weekend - Sept 30th, you can make 1 night bookings for weekends.

Weekly Rates: 6 nights + 1 night free.


Campground Cancellation Policy


For reservations less than 1 week, you must cancel within 3 days prior to check in.

For reservations more than or equal to 1 week, and long weekend reservations, you must cancel within 1 week prior to check in.


If you cancel within our policy deadlines, your card will be issued a full refund for the deposit (1 night).


If not, your card will be charged 50% of the entire amount owed.


For no shows or same day cancellations, 100% of the entire amount will be charged.

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